ISPCC “Stand-up to Bullying”

ISPCC Shield Campaign

The Shield Programme is how the ISPCC supports communities, school and clubs to tackle and prevent bullying. In 2015, almost 6,700 children contacted the ISPCC about bullying.  That’s 18 children per day.  Because we listen to children every day ,we know the impact that bullying has on their lives, on their self-esteem, on their ability to grow.  That's why we provide the Shield programme resources free of charge to schools, clubs and groups in Ireland.

Coláiste Iósaef has partnered up with the ISPCC in it's nationwide campaign to stand up against bullying. The ISPCC has developed a range of Shield resources, providing children and young people with the necessary coping skills to deal with and protect themselves from bullying. Shield has four key elements:

1. Shield my School Tool
2. Shield Youth Award - anti-bullying themed competition for students
3. Standing Up Online Form - an anti-bullying resource for websites
4. Shield Flag - gain recognition for your work against bullying 

For more information, please contact Ms Niamh Grealish, at 063-98275 or at