Board of Management

The Board of Management

“A school board of management is an essential part of school governance and the mission of the school will not be fully realised without an effective board of management.” ETBI

The Role of the Board

A board of management for an ETB school has a clear remit to manage that school on behalf of the ETB (and the Trustee Partner in the case of a designated community college), in accordance with legislation; Department of Education and Skills (DES) circulars, guidelines and procedures; and any policies or strategies that the ETB may establish regarding the operation of its schools.

The primary role of a board of management is one of governance. Governance is about providing direction and oversight for a school while ensuring that the rights of all members of the school community are upheld and that the school is accountable for its work.

The functions of a board may, in the main, be categorised under three different headings:

  1. Policy setting and strategic planning
  2. Monitoring the implementation of policy, strategy and plans
  3. Supporting the principal and his staff


The Board Members

Canon William Fitzmaurice (Chairperson)
Mr Noel Kelly (Board Secretary)
Sr Teresa Murphy
Mr Noel Ryan
Ms Anne Marie Connery
Mr Eoin Shinners
Ms Eileen Fehin
Councillor Michael Donegan
Councillor Richard O’Donoghue
Mr Sean Kennedy
Mr Michael O’Connor
Ms Marita Herbert (Recording Secretary)